Jen KellyAbout Jennifer Kelly
Jennifer Kelly has been energized by the study of movement for her entire life. From the age of six, she was an avid athlete and a curious dance student. She attended James Madison University and graduated with a BA in Dance in 1996. After college, she briefly joined the modern dance scene in the San Francisco Bay Area until relocating to Charlottesville, VA in 2000. In Charlottesville, Jennifer spent over ten years exploring performance with the Zen Monkey Project. In 2003, her entrepreneurial spirit combined with her love of movement inspired her to create The Hip Joint in 2003 — a dance and yoga boutique — on Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall. After running the shop for twelve years, she sold it and is proud that it (under a different name) continues to serve the local arts community.

Jennifer has spent years working as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor. She was employed at ACAC and Boar’s Head Sports Club in the Charlottesville area. After the pandemic changed the fitness landscape Jen pivoted to online training. She also enjoys having a private Alexander Technique practice based out of her home studio in Ivy, VA. She has been an Artistic Associate and Alexander Technique teacher for the Charlottesville Ballet since 2014.

Certifications include Alexander Technique certification from AmSAT, a 1600-hour program (ATTC-C 2014); Post Graduate certification in Jessica Wolf’s Art of Breathing (2023); Certified personal trainer from NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) since 2015; Certified Senior Fitness Specialist from American Council on Exercise (2017) and Group Exercise Fitness Instructor (2019).

Jennifer received a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2023. From September 2023 to September 2025, she will be a fellow at Riverbend Integrative Trauma Treatment (RITT) in Charlottesville. Jennifer uses a collaborative, strengths-based approach in her therapeutic process. More information about Jennifer’s clinical somatic trauma therapy practice can be found at

Jennifer published an article on the benefits of the Alexander Technique in relation to the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis in AmSAT Journal, and is dedicated to learning more about ways to successfully manage the disease. Her lifestyle is inspired by her husband and two children, who are a beautiful reminder of her deep desire to be present.

posturedrawingAbout Alexander Technique
The Alexander Technique is a century old self care practice that is accessible to anyone that is curious about bringing more ease into their life. The technique builds awareness in habits of the mind and body. It is an education in how to accurately observe oneself and consciously make choices. Some common results of this self study are better posture, more coordination, clearer thinking, less pain and calmer nerves. The Alexander Technique was originally taught only on a one-to-one basis but is now also taught in groups.

In a randomized controlled trial of Alexander Technique lessons, exercise and massage for recurrent and chronic back pain it was found that “one to one lessons in the Alexander Technique from registered teachers have long term benefits for patients with chronic back pain.” (BMJ 2008; 337:a884) The Alexander Technique is taught in the curriculum at dozens of the top arts conservatories in the world for the purpose of refining a student’s ability to perform at the highest level. Whatever the reason for studying the Alexander Technique the student will become more aware of themselves and their surroundings. Positive changes will occur.

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