“I have had poor posture as long as I can remember, and have had no luck improving it, whether through physical therapy, exercise, massage, or berating myself. After my first lesson with Jen, I went home to practice the simple exercise of lying on my back for “constructive rest”. My instruction was not to do anything, but simply to think about an experience of expansion and lengthening in my neck, my back, my legs, and my spine. After just a few minutes, I felt a desire to move my back closer to the floor. Amazingly, the sway that had been in my back for years disappeared. My back, shoulders, and neck, which have been tight and painful for decades, are now relaxed. Thanks to my work with Jen, I have established a new and healthier relationship with my body. Working with Jen Kelly has had a profound and lasting impact on my life, and I am so grateful.” ~Maria S.

“With the help of the Alexander Technique I am looking for better use (life-long poor posture) and greater ease and mobility (arthritis in neck and shoulders). In my case, the definition of the Alexander Technique as small changes with big differences certainly holds true. Whereas earlier I could not lift my arms higher than my shoulders, I can now lift my clothes over my head--easily. Jennifer’s hands communicate, asking questions of my muscles and my stance, and suggesting answers. Jennifer is an absolute professional and she is continually attending conferences and workshops to expand her training. One of her latest was on teaching A. T. via Zoom--most timely in the era of the pandemic. I have had several Zoom lessons with her during shelter in place and I was surprised by the benefits of our continued work virtually. She helped me to take more ownership over my movement practice. One aspect of Jen's teaching that particularly resonates with me, a former teacher of language and literature, is her use of verbal images. To her professionalism, Jen brings a sparkling personality. She is empathetic, kind, and infinitely patient. She clearly delights in what she is doing.” ~Janette, retired faculty at UVA

“I trust Jen and love how informed I’ve become about my own body and in my practice as a PT.” ~Rebecca Brown, Physical Therapist, Certified Pilates Instructor

“Jen Kelly has an extremely thorough knowledge of the Alexander Technique and I found studying with her to be extremely beneficial to both my dance technique and my overall approach to posture. Her holistic approach is helpful to anyone, not just actors, dancers, or athletes. Her aim is to aid in the overall physical experience to enhance a person’s well-being, both mentally and physically. I would recommend her to anyone seeking a new approach to how to carry him or herself throughout his or her daily life.” ~Nina, Apprentice, Charlottesville Ballet

“Not only did Jen help my  teenage daughter recover from a back injury, she improved her carriage in dance noticeably. During her last performance we saw a great improvement in her form. I know that we will continue to consult Jen throughout her study of dance.” ~Sally McDowell

“Working one-on-one with Jen was wonderful‹our sessions gave me the time and space to relearn how to breathe, sit and walk. Jen is a fantastic instructor, providing great visual cues to help one see the connections between and among the different parts of the body. She goes above and beyond, providing articles, books, and videos to extend knowledge of Alexander Technique beyond our sessions. From constructed rest to walking like a monkey, I enjoyed every moment in Jen¹s peaceful studio.” ~Stephanie Van Hover, Associate Professor, University of Virginia Curry School of Education

“When I came to first try out the Alexander Technique with Jen, my body hurt everywhere, I was scared of my own body and I was constantly worried about every single movement hurting myself further. After working with her for about 7 months, I started to realize that my body was strong and that through simple exercises I could allow my body to function in the way it was naturally designed to. Jen was very helpful in explaining the technique and providing feedback to help me feel my body’s natural relationship with itself. I would recommend her to anyone looking to find greater self awareness and tranquility in their body’s natural movements.” ~Mitchell Frank, Former Top 5 Junior Tennis Player in the World, #1 Ranked College Player and Six-Time NCAA Tennis Champion Player

“The Alexander Technique and Jen have been game changers for me. The technique is increasing my perception of what I'm feeling and doing on the court and allowing for a greater sense of presence during competition. I am now able to detect subtle pockets of tension...a clenched jaw, hiked shoulders or shallow breathing while playing and then release them. I believe it can help anyone with an open mind interested in improving their competitive play.” ~Gabriela, USTA nationally ranked tennis player

“I have been working with Jennifer Kelly for the past 10 months and have been experiencing amazing benefits! Not only am I getting physically stronger but I am also learning how to effectively move my body for optimal results. Some of the results I am experiencing include: improved posture and balance, more fluid gait, and increased flexibility. I find myself observing my body movements with increased awareness...not only when exercising but also in every day activities. What I am learning from Jennifer is truly transformational!” ~Doreen S.